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Scientologists believing that an Alien sent frozen alien bodies into the volcanoes of Earth where their souls got lost and trapped in human bodies that need to be purged = Insane.

Christians believing that we all have original sin caused by a woman eating a magic apple given to her by a talking snake and God came to Earth in the human form of his own son and had to be tortured and murdered to get rid of that sin. = Completely Sane.

Come again?

People bewilder me.
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Be a conservative.

Be a republican.

Vote for Mitt Romney.

Disagree with Obama.

Criticize him. Call him a lousy president.


But all this stuff about how he's a radical racist Muslim Communist dictator who was born in Kenya and who is out to sell us out to terrorists and destroy America with a Marxist agenda and rape the constitution, round up Christians and put them in death camps, and eat your kittens and whatever the hell...

Can we stop this, please? Can you at least, please, talk about the REAL Obama, rather than this fictional character you made up? Clint Eastwood is looking more and more like a metaphor for the extreme right: A crazy person screaming at an empty chair, containing an imaginary Obama he made up in his head.

Even the Republican Convention slogan "We Built That!" was based on something Obama DID NOT SAY. He was talking about how, you have your business but in order for your business to work you have roads, bridges, sidewalks, etc. that people use to get to your business relies on. That's why businesses need to pay taxes to work, because you didn't build THAT ROAD or THAT BRIDGE that someone drove on to get to your store.


Yet, a response to something that was never said was their convention slogan? Really?

So, be conservative. Be a republican. Disagree with his policies. Be sad he won four more years. Be worried that his policies work all you want to.

But, dislike the REAL Obama, not this ridiculous fake one.



Jul. 24th, 2012 04:57 pm
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This is what annoys me.

Whenever a celebrity comes out as gay, homophobic bigots pretending NOT to be homophobic bigots always say the same thing:

"I don't care. Why can't they just get on with their lives like the rest of us? Why do they have to announce it? What, is being gay what you build your identity around? Why can't you just keep quiet about it?"

Yes. How DARE homosexuals "flaunt what they do in the bedroom" by coming out as gay. How dare they! How dare they! How dare they talk about what they do in private!

It's not as though HETEROSEXUALS get married, wear wedding rings, have pictures of their spouses and children on their desks at work, take dates to office parties. It's not as though heterosexual celebrities have million dollar weddings on television, splashing their pictures all over every magazine and newspaper and webpage possible.

So, homosexuals should keep what should be private, private... just like heterosexuals.

Wait... what?


Jul. 6th, 2012 07:00 pm
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Oh, this is hilarious.

So, the soap opera "Days of our Lives" has a gay character now. Their message boards on NBC's webpage are full of hilarity.

I'm going to summarize some of the arguments, only I'm going to replace "Gay" with "interracial", "other man" with "black girl" and "homophobe" with "racist."

Let's watch.

"When I saw that interracial kiss on DOOL it made me sick! I have that image in my mind now! Why did they have to have him kiss that (black girl)! It's disgusting!

Oh here come the evil liberals to call me a racist! How dare you call me racist! I'll bet you call everyone who has different opinion a racist! Throwing up when I am forced to see a nice boy kissing a black girl doesn't make me racist!"

Hum... make sense to anyone else?
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I know I've been on this rant before, but it alawys confuses/amuses me.

"I'm a Christian and I'm not afraid to admit it!"

Uh whuh?

I see this in signatures on forums all the time. In America, Christianity is the only religion taken seriously at all. In custody battles, when one parent is Christian an the other is not, the scales are invariably weighted in favor of the Christian parent. Politics are also tilted in their favor, as politicians wave their Churches in people's faces and talk about their Christianity in order to get the overwhelmingly Christian population to vote for them. Christian "values" are used to promote inequality and excuse persecution and limit civil liberties.

So, how can one legitimately claim... and make a rational argument that declaring yourself as part of the mainstream as an act of bravery?
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There was a point when I liked you. There really was. There was a time where I disagreed with you but still saw you as an intelligent, rational human being.

Then I saw your movie.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Yes, scientists are "blacklisted" for saying that they believe in intelligent design. Just like a doctor would loose his license to practice medicine if he published a paper advocating drilling holes in people's skulls to let out evil spirits as a cure for bowel cancer.

This is not an infringement of freedom, or persecution of people with certain religious or political beliefs.

Just... GAH.

I had to turn it off.
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1. Religious Freedom = The freedom to practice your religion. The freedom to act in accordance with your religious beliefs. The freedom to abstain from activities that are not in accordance with your religious beliefs. The freedom to choose a job that is in keeping with your religious practices.

Religious Freedom =/= The "freedom" to impede the freedom of others by denying them rights or access to something, because it is against you religion. The "Freedom" to take a job in which you KNOW you will be asked to do something against your religion, and demand that they change the job for you. The "right" to attempt to convert people to your religion in the workplace, on public transportation, etc.

The latter does not constitute "religious persecution." Neither does hearing or being asked to use the inclusive "Holiday" instead specifically the one you celebrate. Oh, and if you're asked to take off your cross in the workplace if you do public service work? That's your fault. You were the ones who bitched about having to see symbols from other religions, and since we couldn't just ask people not to wear them we had to ask everyone to. Unwillingness to teach your mythology to school children in place of science isn't persecution either. STFU.

2. Small Government means SMALL GOVERNMENT. You can't whine and cry about wanting "Smaller Government Smaller Government SMALLER GOVERNMENT" and scream about "THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO STAY OUT OF OUR LIVES!" and insist on these as ideals, and then turn around and be anti-choice and say the government should say who can have an abortion and when, limit access to birth control, say who can get married and who can't, and regulate pretty much everything that makes little old church ladies uncomfortable.

That's a big, invasive government, not small government. This is not complicated.

3. Speaking of hypocrites, you want to destroy a health care plan that helps covered the uninsured, the primary beneficiaries of which are children of adults who don't have insurance, and children born with medical conditions who are cast aside by health insurance companies because they have "pre-existing conditions. But, then you say that women faced with unplanned pregnancies should be forced to carry the baby to term "BECAUSE A FETUS IS A BABY AND YOU JUST LOVE BABIES SO MUCH!" Really? REALLY? Pro-Choice people snidely comment that pro-life supporters only care about the baby up until it's birth, and then they don't give a crap. But, I didn't expect you to go right out and say it yourself.

Oh, and that nice organization that takes care of girls reproductive health, offers them STD screening, gives them pregnancy tests, teaches them about their sexual health to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and prevents abortions? Yeah let's close that down because it also offers abortions to girls who need it? Let's close that down too.

No way is that hypocritical.

Can we just have some sanity, please?


Jan. 15th, 2012 07:41 pm
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Well, I'm here, with everything imported.

Hello Komix. I love you, you know that!


Sep. 21st, 2011 11:54 am
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Birthday Party with Andy.

Fair day with mom!

Dungeons and Dragons with Andy and Janine and Justin.

Movie and Margarita Night with Lina.

Coffee with Patrick.

Good Week last week. I'm tired.


Aug. 18th, 2011 04:43 pm
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Sweet Honey White Bread-bread Machine Recipe

I found this great recipe. I love it!
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Dear Netflix users,


Is not a movie review. If you are not emotionally or sexually mature enough to handle gay content, find out if a movie has gay content before you watch it. If you do see gay content inadvertently, turn it off and go find something else to watch.

Imagine that!
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This is the main things I've been meaning to post about.

We have a new addition to the Family! 5 month old Cocker Spaniel was adopted by us at the humane society about 2 1/2 weeks ago. He's smart, responsive, and learning to be well behaved. My mother and I are madly in love with him. His name is Sherlock.

The precious kitties are still a little unsure as to what to make of the new arrival, but Sherlock shows no signs of wanting to do anything other than play with them.

Pictures cut for size )

He's been confirmed by the vet to be pure bred cocker. He has a 'roan' coat and one blue eye and one brown eye. All functions normal.

Please bask in his awesomeness.


Jun. 16th, 2011 11:43 am
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This seems to be my trend now: Go a MONTH or more without posting, then do a series of entries in rapid succession.

Anyway, this one is to say that yes, I'm on the bandwagon now. I saw "Wicked" on a Broadway tour a few weeks ago. I'm in LOVE! I ADORED it! I'd read the book and listened to the cast recordings, but I'd never seen it before.

As most of you know, the musical adaptation is loose at best. But really? I think I liked the musical better. I felt like the ends tied together better, it was less convoluted, and was just a tighter, more cohesive story. The only thing was I really didn't think they needed to tack on a happy ending. Still, I was in love. I adored it.

I'd have to live under a rock not to realize that what Cats and Phantom were in the 80s, and Les Miserables was in the 90s, Wicked was in the 2000s. So, while I actually had a lot of sympathy for the Broadway fans who thought Wicked was being over-hyped, I couldn't overlook it either.

Anyway, I thought it was a gorgeous show. I thought it was a beautiful story about not only friendship, but about how beauty and popularity skew people's perceptions, and how far perceptions can stray from reality. I thought it was not only a lovely addition to the "OZ" universe, but a powerful statement about the way society can be. The staging is spectacular, sets and costumes are gorgeous, and the cast was stellar.

It's been years since I've seen a show (not counting seeing shows that I've seen before) and fallen in love. So, it was a wonderful experience.

Going to the theater-cast of Company tonight! Horay!
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Democratic Senator Anthony Weiner gets into a sex scandal, and becomes the butt of media jokes. Democrats call him a distraction and ask him to resign. A republican does the same thing? It's the liberal bias of the media making a big deal about the incident because he's a republican!

This will be the downfall of the republican party. Plain and simple.
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A pretty lady married a prince and became a princess, and a bad guy died. It's a fucking Disney movie!

I'm not celebrating death, but rather punching a hole in an organization that threatens life. And I also admit, I'm celebrating our President. I'm hoping that maybe now those who want to (not disagree with him) but berate him with malicious fiction will now show some respect and debate him civilly, and maybe people will be less likely to believe their lies.

But, maybe I'm just being overly optimistic.

At any rate, the royal wedding was so beautiful. Kate's Grace Kelly inspired dress was divine, and all in all it was a fairy tale. I hope having a real love-match in the monarchy will help ring in a new era, where royals will not be thrown in with "proper brides" they don't even know, and tragedies like the Charles and Diana wedding won't be repeated.

I'm also so happy that today is free comic book day. I have a morning shift this morning, going home to change, then off to get geek swag. Woot!

All in All life's pretty good.
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I don't have a problem with marijuana. I don't smoke it, but other people smoking it doesn't bother me. I know that science has proven that it's no worse for your body than tobacco, and impedes your judgment and behavior significantly LESS than alcohol. I also know that historically the only reason it was made illegal to begin with was because it was poised to threaten the tobacco industry, and the tobacco industry put a lot of money into propaganda and misinformation to get it banned. I also know that if it were legal it could be regulated and would be safer, we would take greater government control over who it was sold to (You think a drug dealer cards people and doesn't sell to minors?) and we could tax it and help our national debt crisis.

That being said, is it ironic that in spite of having that opinion I HATE stoners and stoner "culture"?

When every musical artist you listen to is either Bob Marley or someone else closely associated with pot smoking, when the only magazine you read is "high times" when you have a fucking pot leaf tattoo and every article of clothing you own is either Rastafarian colors, has Bob Marley on it, or has "legalize it" or other pot-related patches crudely stitched to it... when every single online handle you have ends in the numbers 420 and stoner and pot smoker is the cornerstone of your ENTIRE FUCKING IDENTITY.... are a douchebag.

And I don't have to have a moral objection to smoking pot to think so.

Have a good day.


Apr. 9th, 2011 10:20 am
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I still stand by my statement that this new trend of making a Broadway musical out of every movie that ever had a hit song attached to it or that was successful at the box office is the cancer that is killing Broadway.

This has been confirmed by my going to see "9 to 5" in stage adaptation. The cast was excellent. I will not trash any of the performers. Lots of good voices and acting. But everything from the songs, the script, the set design, and EVERYTHING was a totally disaster.

Can we stop this trend?

Please please PLEASE!
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I'm not some rabid militant feminist who gets her panties in a wad every time a woman is naked on screen, or every time a woman is portrayed as something less than wonder woman. The "Big Guns Big Tits" comic book world doesn't bug me.

However, I don't think you have to be an easily offended militant feminist to realize that "Sucker Punch" is a highly offensive, highly inappropriate sexist piece of tripe.

It starts with an an attempted rape or a young woman by her step father. Best part? The song "Sweet Dreams are Made of These" and the lyrics "Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused." playing over and over and over again, on a loop. All ready this is highly insensitive and inappropriate.

Then her stepfather puts her in an asylum. It's clear off the bat that the women in the asylum are being sexually taken advantage of. And our heroine, in a tight fitting short skimpy sexy asylum garb, fulfilling some kind of helpless inmate rape doll fantasy, is lead in schoolgirl pigtails to be victimized.

She then escapes into a fantasy world where she's a stripper and a prostitute.... uh.... ok. She and her friends, all with sexually derogatory names like "Babydoll" and "Sweetpea" and "Blondie" dance almost naked for clients, and are again brutally sexually abused by the pimp/owner.

They try to escape the asylum/whorehouse by escaping into yet another fantasy world, where they are powerful super heroes. If "powerful superheros" means "Putting on a sexy Catholic Schoolgirl fetish stripper outfit and waving weapons around, making sure everyone in the audience gets a look at your panties in the process."

So, not only is the victimization of women sexualized, but the even any kind of female empowerment is only something to be used for a visual sexual thrill. Whether they're victims or "empowered' they're still just sex objects.

Now, for a while I was like "Maybe this is intentional. Maybe this is a kitschy tongue-in-cheek harkback to old time sexual exploitation movies. Maybe he's doing a Russ Meyer "Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill!" kind of homage. There's no way any sentient being can't see that this is in horribly bad taste. Maybe it's bad taste of bad taste's sake. I can be down with that! No such luck.

Even if it wasn't offensive, the "fantasy within a fantasy within a fantasy" thing is trite and contrived at best. The symbolic representations of elements of the real world in the fantasy worlds are barely on a High School English level, the dialogue and acting are a joke, and the spectacular visuals are just fancy window dressing in a turd.

Then I remember that Snyder also turned The Comedian's attempted rape of Sally Jupiter from a one page punch then return then attempted clothing removal to a several minute long sequence of Sally being brutally beaten. And I think, maybe Snyder is just someone who should probably need to register with the police and make the neighborhood sign a piece of paper saying they know he's there whenever he moves.

Seriously... this is messed up.
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I'm not going to cry 'post mortem' because clearly the baby is holding it's head up and looking around. Baby is fine. However, upon closer inspection there's something kind of weird here. Look at what this baby is sitting on.

The mismatched cloths, the awkward way the baby's dress is spread out covering something... The more I looked at it the more I realized, that's a person. I'm sure it's just mom or dad with some fabric over her/his head holding the baby for the photographer.

Still, it's kind of peculiar and interesting.
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I found these photos in an Etsy shops. They were too expensive for me (as much as i love them) but I still wanted to download and share. Besides, I'm sure the seller won't mind some publicity. ;)

cut for bodies )

Upon first glance they don't immediately register as post mortem. However, upon close inspection there is really no doubt that the people are dead. Anyway, I'd heard of people taking post mortems by placing the deceased person in a metal stand and taking the photo as if they were alive and standing up, but I've never seen them before.
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