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I've noticed something about the way liberals and conservatives deal differnetly with problems.

Conservatives say "Well, that shouldn't be happening anyway so we don't need a solution. We'll just yell about how people souldn't do it so we won't need a solution."

Librals say "Here's the problem. Yah, we shouldn't have this situation but we do so let's fix it."

Let's say there's a pool. We don't want kids to drown in the pool, naturally.

The Conservatives say: "Well, kids shoudln't be in the pool. So we'll tell the kids not go in the pool and build a fence around it and everything will be fine."

The Liberals say: "Well, kids are going to get in the pool so shouldn't we get a life raft?"

C: No, if you do that they'll just think it's OK to go in the pool.

L: But they're getting into the pool and drowning!

C: Well it's your fault making them think it was OK to go in the pool! You and your pool friendly attitudes are driving kids to drowning.

L: I didn't say it was OK to go in the pool! I just think that we need help for kids who DO get into the pool!

C: La la la! I can't hear you! La la la! I'm getting money from the fence company! La la la!

OK... I'm done...


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