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1. Religious Freedom = The freedom to practice your religion. The freedom to act in accordance with your religious beliefs. The freedom to abstain from activities that are not in accordance with your religious beliefs. The freedom to choose a job that is in keeping with your religious practices.

Religious Freedom =/= The "freedom" to impede the freedom of others by denying them rights or access to something, because it is against you religion. The "Freedom" to take a job in which you KNOW you will be asked to do something against your religion, and demand that they change the job for you. The "right" to attempt to convert people to your religion in the workplace, on public transportation, etc.

The latter does not constitute "religious persecution." Neither does hearing or being asked to use the inclusive "Holiday" instead specifically the one you celebrate. Oh, and if you're asked to take off your cross in the workplace if you do public service work? That's your fault. You were the ones who bitched about having to see symbols from other religions, and since we couldn't just ask people not to wear them we had to ask everyone to. Unwillingness to teach your mythology to school children in place of science isn't persecution either. STFU.

2. Small Government means SMALL GOVERNMENT. You can't whine and cry about wanting "Smaller Government Smaller Government SMALLER GOVERNMENT" and scream about "THE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO STAY OUT OF OUR LIVES!" and insist on these as ideals, and then turn around and be anti-choice and say the government should say who can have an abortion and when, limit access to birth control, say who can get married and who can't, and regulate pretty much everything that makes little old church ladies uncomfortable.

That's a big, invasive government, not small government. This is not complicated.

3. Speaking of hypocrites, you want to destroy a health care plan that helps covered the uninsured, the primary beneficiaries of which are children of adults who don't have insurance, and children born with medical conditions who are cast aside by health insurance companies because they have "pre-existing conditions. But, then you say that women faced with unplanned pregnancies should be forced to carry the baby to term "BECAUSE A FETUS IS A BABY AND YOU JUST LOVE BABIES SO MUCH!" Really? REALLY? Pro-Choice people snidely comment that pro-life supporters only care about the baby up until it's birth, and then they don't give a crap. But, I didn't expect you to go right out and say it yourself.

Oh, and that nice organization that takes care of girls reproductive health, offers them STD screening, gives them pregnancy tests, teaches them about their sexual health to prevent unwanted pregnancies, and prevents abortions? Yeah let's close that down because it also offers abortions to girls who need it? Let's close that down too.

No way is that hypocritical.

Can we just have some sanity, please?
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