Jan. 30th, 2011

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I keep saying I won't let myself abandon real online journaling for the micro blogging of twitter and myspace, but alas that's what seems to be happening.

So, I'll go ahead and post about my holidays.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were a lot of fun. Both were spent at home with my mother, just the two of us. Still, that's all right. It was peaceful, relaxing, and fun. New Year's Eve was nothing much. I had to work until 7:30 and be at work at 6am the next morning so there was no point in any festivities.

Boring as the holidays sound though, it really was pleasant. At the end of November, I entered a short-fiction contest. Two days before Christmas the winners and the runners up were announced. Sadly, I was not among them. But, I know that just because you got rejected doesn't mean what you wrote wasn't good. It just means that the person choosing the winners liked someone else's story better. It doesn't even mean that they liked it better, really. It just means that they thought something else fit better with what they were trying to do. So, I'm not discouraged, and I still wrote a story I wouldn't have written otherwise.

Last week I got sick, but I'm better now.

More about interesting Christmas gifts and New Year's resolutions in upcoming posts.
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Cool Christmas gift I got. Antique copy of Les Miserables with a 20th Century Fox movie tie in from the 1935 Charles Laughton film version printed in... well... 1935. Text is unabridged original Wilbur translation.

Scan of Cover Here )


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